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Recomendación CE sobre tarifas de interconexión

Noticia Última actualización: 24 de octubre de 1997
La Comisión Europea acaba de acordar una Recomendación sobre las tarifas que los operadores de telecomunicaciones se aplican entre sí por la transferencia de llamadas, de cara a la liberalización del mercado de las telecomunicaciones en 1998.

Las tarifas de interconexión constituyen una de las mayores partidas presupuestarias que los nuevos participantes en el sector de las telecomunicaciones deben afrontar. Para algunos de ellos, esta partida supone más de un cuarenta por ciento de sus costes globales.

La Recomendación establece como modelo los precios basados en los tres Estados Miembro con las tarifas de interconexión más bajas. Esta referencia es, generalmente, dos o tres veces mas baja que la que algunos operadores proponen inicialmente.

El mayor impacto sera reducir el coste de la entrada en el mercado de los nuevos operadores.

Pero la Recomendación también sugiere cómo reducir el coste de las llamadas desde teléfonos móviles a redes fijas y el de las llamadas entre los Estados Miembro en la Union Europea. 


ANEXO I: Recommended ‘best current practice’ interconnect prices for call termination


LOCAL LEVEL interconnection between 0.6 and 1.0 ECU/100 per minute

(providing access to several thousand customers connected to a local exchange)


SINGLE TRANSIT interconnection between 0.9 and 1.8 ECU/100 per minute

(providing access to 0.5 - 1M customers in a metropolitan area)


DOUBLE TRANSIT interconnection between 1.5 and 2.6 ECU/100 per minute

(providing access to customers on an national network)


These prices, which apply from 1.1.98, are being published by the Commission as a guide to national regulatory authorities. The price ranges at each level are designed to accommodate differences in the cost structures between operators in different Member States.

The recommended ‘best current practice’ prices are non-binding, but serve to alert a national regulatory authority to investigate further if a network operator proposes prices outside the recommended ranges. If an operator’s interconnection charges cannot be fully justified, a national regulatory authority can impose retrospective adjustment to those charges.

For consumers, the biggest impact of this Recommendation and the associated regulatory framework for interconnection, is expected to be in two areas where prices are currently out of line with costs. The first is the price paid by mobile operators to terminate calls on fixed networks; although decreasing, these prices are still much higher than the prices for fixed-fixed network interconnection. The second area concerns calls between Member States, where the ‘cross-border" effect has up to now resulted in prices far higher than the price of national calls of the same distance. Both of these anomalies are expected to progressively disappear after 1.1.98, resulting in significant price decreases for consumers.


ANEXO II: Tablas y gráficos de la Recomendación de la CE. (Se han conservado en inglés para guardar la máxima fidelidad con el original)


Figure 1. Interconnection charges for local, single transit and double transit levels, at peak rates

[rate in ECU-cents (ECU/100) per minute, based on a 3 minute call duration]




Important Note:

The above chart does not represent the full cost of Interconnection in Member States. There are other costs arising from the provision of interconnection circuits, universal service contributions and other cost elements which must be taken into account in arriving at the total cost of interconnection. The Recommendation concentrates on call termination as the most important and least competitive element of interconnection, and does not cover these other cost components.



Source : OVUM and Commission services


Interconnect charges per minute based on a 3 minute call duration, as of 01.01.98
Basic starting values in ECU-cents
(ie ECU/100)
    Exchange rates to ECU at 9/97 Interconnection charges in local currencies, date at which prices are effective, other supplementary information
  Local Single transit Double transit(4)    
UK 0,64 0,91 1,74 0,68 Prices from October 1997 (£/100):

- local exchange= 0,434 per min.

- single tandem= 0,618 per min.

-double tandem (>200km)= 1,177 per min.

(Note 8)
1,51(1) 1,51 4,22 1,66 Prices since April 1997 (Pts):

- local= not provided

- metropolitan= 2,5 per min.

- National = 7 per min.

France 0,71 1,73 2,55 6,59 Prices for 1 January 1998 (FF/100):

- local exchange= 4,69 per min.

- single tandem = 11,40 per min.

- double tandem (>200 km)= 16,77 per min.

Charges without ADC or USO contribution


(Note 5)

1,00(6) 1,71 - 2,16(7) 2,61 1,97 Prices for 1 Jan. 98 (DM/100):

- City = 1,97 per min.

- Regio50 = 3,36 per min.

- Regio200 = 4,25 per min.

- National = 5,14 per min.

Finland 1,81(1) 1,81 4,20 (2) 5,88 Prices since September 97 (FIM/100):

- local = not provided

- metropolitan= 20 per call + 4 per min.

- National = 20 per call + 13,8 to 18 p. min.

Denmark 0,98 1,82 2,22 7,49 Prices since Sept. 1997 (DKK/100):

- local exchange= 4 per call + 6 per min.

- single tandem= 8 per call + 11 per min

- double tandem= 8 per call + 14 per min.

Netherlands 2,00(1) 2,00 2,52 2,21 Prices since July 97 (Fl/100):

- local exchange= not provided

- local segment= 2,5 per call + 3,6 per min.

- National= 3,2 per call + 4,5 per min.

Sweden 1,68 2,15 2,98 8,51 Prices since January 97 (SEK/100):

- local exchange= 7 per call + 12 per min.

- single segment= 7 per call + 16 per min.

- double segment= 7 per call + 23 per min.

Italy (*) 1,54(3) 2,52   19,21 Proposed tariffs for 1.1.1998 (Lire):

- local (only from 1.9.98)= 29,6 per min.

- region= 48,4 per min.

- national= not provided

Belgium (*) 2,78(1) 2,78 3,62 0,40 Proposed tariffs for 1.1.1998 (BEF):

- local= not provided

- region= 0,354 per call + 0,996 p.m.

- national= 0,460 per call + 1,294 per min.

Austria (*) 7,61(1) 7,61 8,41 13,79 Proposed tariffs for 1.1.1998 (ATS/100):

- local= not provided

- region= 1,05 per min.

- national= 1,16 per min.


(*) Initial tariffs proposed by the operator but not yet approved by the national regulatory authority.

In Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Portugal, telecommunications organisations have not published interconnection prices, in accordance with the derogations granted under Directive 96/19/EC.


Notes to the Table


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